“Stop wasting money!”



Heating accounts for over half of the energy usage within your home!

This is usually down to badly programmed timeclocks, radiator valves left on in unused rooms or just forgetting to adjust the thermostat regularly.

There are now several great systems on the market that can be integrated into your heating system, whether designed into the home from day one or retrofitted using solid wireless technology.

The two systems we recommend are the Honeywell Evohome System and the Intelligent Thermostat from Nest.

desktop_gallery_controllerThe main difference between the two systems is the zoning capabity.

The Evohome System supports Multizone control, whereas the Nest is generally for Single Zone Control.

Zoned Heating using Honeywell Evohome is explained in the video overview below:

The second option we offer is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Nest controls your home as a whole, replacing your existing thermostat, but by using some real intelligence it will greatly reduce your energy bills.

The key to the Nest system is its ability to learn your heating usage and also to check if there is anyone in using an occupancy sensor within the unit itself.

The video below explains the nest system in more detail.

For further information on either of these systems please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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